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Carburettor Part Exchange


I am frequently asked if I will do a part-exchange on a set of carburettors I have for sale. The answer is yes, provided:


You send me pictures of the outsides; particularly on the GL1000 carbs pictures of the carb top buttons.

You send me pictures of the insides of the float bowls and jet towers.

You can give me the history. ie. Are they off a recently running bike (within the last few weeks; or have they been stored for sometime with the fuel drained; or not drained?

You tell me what the model number is. That number is stamped on each carb / plenum flange for the GL1000 and on the side of the body at the float chamber flange for the GL1100 and GL1200. It may be that any one time I have several of that model and do not want to over-stock.


I will normally pay between £50 and £100 for a set. In all honesty, I cannot give you a final figure until I have got them here and checked them over.


For instance, a set I have just finished looked ok from the outside, apart from needing the caps and manifolds polishing. But when I opened them up I found all the fuel jets fitted were wrong, a broken float pin post, bent float pins, corroded jet towers, damaged emulsion tubes and a ruined #35 Idle fuel jet that took me over an hour to remove!

There was nearly 15 hours work on it alone, as well as the cost of the new parts.


I'm afraid that owners always think that their parts are better than they actually are, so you can see from above why I won't pay more than £100 for any set. Some sets I get in, as you have seen on the web page, are just scrap and worth nothing at all.