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GL1000 / GL1100 Intake Manifold Polishing

You've just had your carbs overhauled.


Most likely you have had your nasty looking carburettor tops polished; perhaps even had our nice Beauty Buttons fitted or maybe had new OEM white buttons replacing your broken or cracked yellow ones.


So are you really going to fit them back onto your engine with those beat-up manifolds?




Come on! Do the job right!


The two manifolds in the pictures are from the same bank of carbs.

One is untouched and I have polished the other.


Can you guess which is which? Well done; but if you can tell the difference, so can anyone looking at your bike with its nicely finished carbs and your scabby looking manifolds!


Now, you may not need your carbs overhauling, but the manifolds could do with a polish.

No matter what the reason, pack them up carefully and send them up to the Glasgow address on the Help Page. Send me an email to let me know they are coming and I'll email you back when they arrive.

You will get a Paypal invoice when they are finished. You do not need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.


If you're sending your carburettors up for rebuild, be sure to remember to pack these along with them. They will be added to the final invoice.


Polishing all four: £45 / $55  plus return shipping.

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