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I can now supply you with a full kit of braided fuel lines and clamps, which look like the OEM apart from not having the stripe. But getting stuck in Armpit, Arizona just because your old lines look right is not the most sensible thing to do.

Ethanol Fuel

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Without getting into a political debate as to the ethics of powering our engines by burning food, it seems that every day we hear more and more about the destructive propertiess of ethanol fuel on the rubber seals and fuel lines on all kinds of our older machines, from lawn mowers through cars and trucks, as well as bikes.

It seems that as the percentage of ethanol allowed in the fuel goes up, so does the incidence of trouble caused by it.


The USA has suffered with this for a long time; now here in the UK it is getting difficult to find fuel without the additive. At the moment, it is held here at 7% but in the States that percentage can be very much higher, depending on where you are.


Now, not every machine will suffer immediately from it. Doug's bike Cyborg for instance has not had the carbs looked at in years.

But if you are having carburettor trouble and thinking of doing an overhaul, make sure that the new seals in whatever kit you are using are compatible with ethanol.

The most common of these materials is a DuPont product called VITON, a version of which is impervious to the rotting effects of ethanol.


You can find more information on this material here:


From my point of view, I will only use the superb soft part kits produced by Randakk's Cycle Shakk, in which all the seals are made in Viton and which have been proved time and again in my rebuilds ( see here  ).

Randakk is a perfectionist and does extensive testing to make sure that all of his his products are the best.

Another reason for using his kits is the inclusion of many small, difficult to find, parts needed to do a thorough job.


Be aware too that there have been many instances recently of fuel filters disintegrating internally, mainly it seems the ones made (or marketed) by Emgo, due to the ethanol.  I can now supplying an alloy filter with washable sintered bronze filter element.

If you have to de-rust your fuel tank and are wondering what to coat it with to stop the rust happening again, be aware that ethanol destroys most of the traditional liner materials, leaving you with choked lines and carbs again.

I recommend using an phenolic resin epoxy sealer, such as the one which I have in my own tank marketed by Caswell.

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