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Crankshaft Bearing Kits for Four Cylinder Models

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J G Evans


As most four cylinder Wing owners will already know, shell bearings for the crankshaft of these engines are now virtually extinct.

Yes sure, the odd one will turn up now and again, but then you need the luck of the devil to be in the right place at the right time to snag it.


Talking with Ray, my friend and cohort in Germany whom you know as the manufacturer of our beautiful stainless steel brake pistons, we decided to see if something could be done about this situation.


We decided to take a more logical approach than Honda originally used, since the size difference between the thinnest (yellow) and the thickest shell (blue) is only 0.032mm / 0.00125”. There is no way anyone, other than someone with Honda's vast resources, is going to have five different grades manufactured and two different versions of each grade of conrod shell depending on whether they have oil holes or not, for three different engines!

It seemed to make sense to go for the one size that might suit most engines, the brown mid-size shells.

Most engine with original thin shells that have run high enough distance to require replacement shells will usually take the next thickest without complaint. I've done it many times through sheer necessity. The thickest shells are rarely in demand.


Ray has now had bearings for the GL1000 conrods manufactured by a German factory. For the main bearing kits for the GL1000 and GL1100 he had had to resort to one of the best regarded Chinese companies to get anything near a reasonable purchase price. This company supplies OEM bearings to the Asian car industry, so he is very comfortable wth their quality. Again, going for the mid-size shells.

As yet, no conrod bearings for the GL1100 and no bearings for the GL1200 are available.


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