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GL1100 Engine2 GL1100 Engine2


Maybe you have overhauled your carbs yourself, but don't have the facilities or the equipment to do the final finishing touch to all your hard work. Polishing is a messy, mucky job and you do need the right gear.

So why not finish the job properly by sending them to me for polishing.


If yours are GL1000 tops, maybe having the cracked, crazed or just plain yellowing buttons either replaced with our OEM look new ones from Pistol Pete, or have the Beauty Buttons fitted.


Now you can be really proud of your hard work!

GL1000 carb top options



On the far left, the original. This one is not too badly corroded, unlike some I get in, but still unsightly; dirty looking and with it's button all yellow.


Next, the button on this one is not too bad, so the option was to simply polish the cap.


Third. The buttons on this set were  yellow and slightly crazed, so after polishing the Beauty Buttons were fitted.


Last. This one had a cracked through button so a brand new one was fitted. Obviously, one white button and three yellow ones wouldn't cut it, so all four were replaced with Pistol Pete's OEM look buttons.

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If you require this service, pack your tops carefully, after remembering to mark each one with the carb number on the inside and on it's respective slide .

Send the tops only to the Glasgow address on the HELP page, with an email to tell me what option you wish appplied.


Price for polishing all four: £35 / $45 plus return shipping. Other option prices on their respective pages.


I will email you on receipt of them. You will receive a Paypal invoice when finished. You do not need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.

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