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GL1100 Engine2 GL1100 Engine2

I know this will please many of you!


Due to the number of inquiries I have had, I am starting the Carburettor Rebuild Service back up again.


Initially this will for GL1000 using Randakk kits, but I envisage also offering both this and a cheaper rebuild eventually using an alternative source. The Randakk kits are now in stock.

The cheaper rebuilds are still some way off as certain parts are proving difficult to source.


GL1100 Carburettor rebuilds are now as for GL1000.


If this is of interest to you, check out the rest of the page, fill in the Information Form and we can get you booked in.

Carburettor Reconditioning

From This!

rebuilt 75 carbs 2 (Small)

To This!

rebuilt 75 carbbs (Small)

Your carburettors can be rebuilt to this standard.


Carbs totally stripped and ultrasonically  cleaned.


All new gaskets and 'O'rings


Plenum chamber split, cleaned and new gasket.


Worn or broken parts replaced with new.


Air cut-off valve(s) rebuilt.


Statically balanced.


Carb tops polished.


Stainless button head screws.


If the white buttons on your GL1000 carbs are in the usual crazed or cracked state, they can be beautified with our Beauty Buttons,

either red on white as shown here or silver on black as seen on my own engine on the left.


Included are 4 inlet manifold O rings and Randakk's fuel tap gaskets.


my engine small

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This a recently completed set of 755B. Stainless button head screws thoughout as these look more like OEM than Cap screws but with the advantages of the Allen head. Most washers and split pins are now in stainless too.

Check out the larger images



I am still having a problem locating a plating company willing to do small batches of small parts, so for the time being your plated parts will be cleaned but not re-plated. They can be painted on request.

Replacement hard parts are normally Keyster if we cannot locate some of the hard-to-get OEM ones.

I use only the best in soft parts; those supplied by Randakk's Cycle Shakk  Click the image to find out why!

Basic Price Breakdown:-


Strip, ultrasonic clean, check all parts, assess any damaged or worn parts. Email report to owner.


Basic rebuild:   GL1000:-  £375  using Randakk's Master Kit.

                          This rebuild also includes the stainless steel screw kit and new pilot air and vacuum pipes.


                          GL1100:-  £400 due to the much higher cost of the Randakk GL1100 Master Kit

                          also includes the stainless steel screw kit


From experience, I have found that 95% of all the carbs I get in need the throttle spindle seals replacing, but it's your choice!




In addition, these parts can also be fitted if needed and agreed at the time:


New slow fuel jets (GL1000)                                                  £18.00

New drain screws                                                                   £24.00

Polish all four tops                                                                 £32.00 (included in full rebuild price)

Supply and fit our Beauty Buttons  (GL1000)                      £32.00    

OEM Honda Float valves (4) (varies, but expensive!)         £100.00 approx

Randakks float pins (4)                                                          £16.00

Randakks stainless float needle valve retainers (4)           £20.00

OEM style braided fuel lines & stainless clips to suit        £13.00

Cleanable alloy filter with spacer to fit the standard Honda filter holder    £11.00

K0 GL1000 throttle arm fix (for alloy arms only)                 £25.00

Replace throttle spindles felt seals                                      £25.00


Obviously, with carbs that are 30odd years old, parts can be worn out, damaged, missing etc.,  

I can only give a rough guide as above, until I have the carbs in my hands.  I would keep you informed as we went into them so that there are no nasty surprises at the end!                                      

If I find that your carbs are not fit for refurbishment, I will attempt to find you another set. The set on the left is total scrap, as the jet  and float pin towers have been eaten away.


Keep in mind that a decent used set of carbs will set you back anywhere between £75 to £150 on their own. Randakk's kit and the jets, beauty buttons and drain screws come in from the States; with shipping, Customs duty and VAT to add to that.

There is a minimum of 12 hours work to get a set of carbs done to this standard.

The price does not amount to much per hour!


Could you save money and do it yourself?

Sure you could. You do have an ultrasonic cleaner, yes? If you want to get them properly clean, you'll need one.

You want to pull in parts from Canada, England and different parts of the States?

Do you have the contacts to get replacements for any broken or unservicable parts?

I have 40 years experience of working with this kind of stuff; can you say the same?


Here's my guarantee: If you have a problem with anything I have done (or not done!) when you get them, return them  and I will fix it and refund your shipping!


A service done in the UK: GL1000 and GL1100 only at the moment - others to follow later

BRAIDED FUEL LINES carbs Camille 1100 carb ! (Medium) Camille 1100 carb 2 (Medium)

A recently reconditioned set of GL1100 carburettors, all the way over here from a customer from Luxembourg!

If all this sounds good to you, I need some information and you need to know where to send them.


Please fill in this form first:


I will contact you and make arrangements. Once we have dates set, you can post them to me at the Glasgow UK address on the GET HELP page. Make special note of the Post Office / Royal Mail info!!


Now this should be quite obvious to everyone.

The ultrasonic cleaning process mentioned above is mainly to get the internal passageways cleaned out. If your carb set looks like Swamp Thing has had them underwater for decades or they look like a solid block of oil and dirt when they arrive here, there WILL be additional cleaning charges.

A set I have just done has taken eight hours just to get the outsides looking right!

So do yourself a favour and save money by at least giving the outsides a good clean off.


Proud to be part of Randakk's Approved Carb Rebuilder programme.



I now have an additional service for your GL1000 carbs with unservicable cracked or broken top buttons.

I can replace these damaged items with Pistol Pete's OEM look new buttons.

This will save a lot of grief in the future as there will be no need to go hunting for a set of tops with matching slides.


                                                                  More details here:

Pistol Pete's Buttons Birch carbs 3 (Medium)

This set recently sent in was beyond repair. The jet towers were rotted away, the jet holder rusted into the jets and falling apart.

Only useful as some spare parts.


Juan recently sent me a set of early GL1000 carbs for rebuilding, all the way from Madrid, Spain


 "Hi John,

Just got my carbs back. Opened them up to have a look and WOW! Impressed with the outcome they look incredible!

Will send you a photo once they are on too so you see how well the thing turned out.


I almost have her completely fine tuned.

She runs like never before, good idle, revs with no hesitations and really gives you a kick above 6000 RPM.

Thank you so much and going to enjoy her a ton since I use it around Madrid a lot to move around and little weekend trips.

Thank you John!

Juan "

Juan's carbs (Medium)

Also see:Tech Tips - Carbs and Fueling


Ian,  from England


Just a further update, John.

I've just re-fitted the carbs to my GL1000 and synchronised them.......What a breeze!

I had very little of the "adjustment tool upsetting the engine speed as you're trying to adjust/tighten the locknuts" (mentioned in a forum post) and I had them synced more accurately than ever before.

Including the time taken to unbox my gauges and connect them to the vacuum ports, the job took 25 mins! ( Not including warm-up time for the engine, though!). The bike runs nice and throttle response is very crisp.

Thank you once again,

Ian (Maz)

Paul P, from England


Hi John I have sent you a message on the success of the carbs. You did say they would go from first of and they did ....Just need to let her settle a bit now before final tweak etc.

I have to date never had her like this in 2/12 years and I'm only sorry I had not found you before.

I have posted you on 2 face book sites and left your web address on both.I assure you any additional business I can generate for you I will do so. In today's world it is very hard to find proper engineers who know what they are doing and are straight with you from the off and not ripping you off either. I will do a video of her when she is all back together and also feel free to use any of my comments on your site. If i can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me.....Will keep you posted .....MANY MANY THANKS GREAT WORK MAN SHIP...