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New for this summer

By John Evans, Jul 26 2020 04:16PM

At long last, a new blog post!

I hope you are all keeping safe at this somewhat fraught time.

Well, in spite or rather because of the virus, I have been super busy with carbs, as owners have been able to spend time in the garage or workshop. So busy in fact, that I have got nothing of my own stuff done.

So I am halting carb rebuilds forn the end of this month for two months.

Another 'at long last' - I will have timing belts available from the end of this week for GL1000 / GL1100

The front transmission cover kit has been overhauled and now includes the 3 alloy crush washers that everyone forgets to order when replacing or overhauling the water pump. Now shipped from me.

Due to the virus, Ray was finding difficulty shipping the water pump kits out fron Germany, so they are now being shipped direct from me in the UK.

Now a biggy!!

I'm sorry, but for you guys in the States the shipping has gone through the roof!

Due almost entirely to Mr Trump pulling the States out of the 145year old Postal Agreement, shipping has gone up by almost 50%. I can ship a pack of radiator hoses to Canada for £10.50; the same pack to the States is now £15.20 ! Royal Mail divide the world into postal three postal zones; the States is the only country in Zone 3.

Aug 26 2020 11:15AM by Andy Robertson

Thanks for keeping this great site going,

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