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By John Evans, Sep 8 2016 02:43PM

I am reliably informed that miracles happen; frequently . True or not, I am finding that I am being asked to perform them, more and more frequently.

Well, it may be because people believe that I am too wonderful for words and that my skills are almost alien in nature. These observations, while undoubtedly true, are becoming a source of difficulty as my stock of miracles is getting severely depleted.

So please, next time you want your carburettors rebuilding, please take a few moments to clean them off and really look at what you expecting me to be able to accomplish wth this block of rapidly disintegrating alloy..

Be honest with yourself. Take the float bowls off at least and see what's inside. if they look like the carbs in the bottom picture on my carb rebuild page, you are probably expecting me to use up some more miracle stock. But sometimes no amount of miracles, magic wands, oofle dust (older UK readers may know that one!) etc. can bring carbs in that condition back.

But I will always try for you.

You have to understand though, a load of extra work is going to cost you. The prices on the page are for a straightforward cleanng and rebuilding. The odd problem during that process can be coped with, but I have just spent 18 hours trying to get a set of GL1100 carbs sorted out. And these are relatively smple to rebuild, averaging about 8 hours including some polishing.

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