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Jurby Manx Grand Prix Helicopter Appeal

By John Evans, Mar 30 2017 03:28PM

Hi Guys and Gals,

Summer time and the racing season is upon us!

Last year we had a great response from you for the Jurby Festival Helicopter Appeal Fund, so Daisy from WEMOTO has been in touch to see if we can help again. Let's do even better than last year!

You really NEED a new Tee shirt for the summer. This fantastic design, the low price and for such a worthy cause means you just can't go wrong with one of these. Those of us that bought last year know the quality of these; amazing value at £10 for UK/EU (about $10 for outside of that) plus shipping!

Here's Daisy's email.

Hi John,

It's Daisy from Wemoto again. I hope you're well. I've seen a comment on your site about the 2017 t-shirts, so I thought I'd get an email sent out with the info.

Our 2017 Jurby T-shirts are indeed here. All the profits from the sale of these £10 t-shirts go to the Manx Grand Prix Supporters' Club - we've managed to raise over £26,000 in the past two years, hopefully, this year we can raise even more. A little info on the charity and what the money is used for...

The club helps fund the MPG's life-saving helicopter ambulances on practice weeks and race days during the Manx Grand Prix. It also supports injured MGP riders and their families, as well as donating funds to help with medical equipment such as new stretchers and a new ambulance which will support all motorsports on the island.

This year's design is a bit special in that it not only celebrates the Festival of Jurby but marks the 60th anniversary of Bob McIntyre becoming the first person to lap the 37.73-mile Mountain Course on the Isle of Man at over 100mph. As per usual, they're endorsed by John McGuinness and other racing legends. We've also managed to get some pretty cool pictures of top riders with this year's design, which I've attached along with a hi-res image of the shirt itself.

We hope you like the design. Thanks again for your help to promote the cause last year.

Kind regards,


So come on folks, do as I have done, let the winter moths out of your wallets and go here to help this cause:

Apr 4 2018 05:48AM by John

I didn't realise that I had failed to put up the incredible results of the 2017 Appeal. WEMOTO habded over a cheque for over £22000, nearly a £6000 increase on the previous year. Thank you all whjo contributed to this very worth cause.

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