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Welcome to my blog!

I need some feedback, please.

By John Evans, Apr 27 2017 10:41AM

The viewing figures for the site are gradually dropping off, week by week.

Now logic says that, of course this will happen. The bikes are getting older, more and more are getting to the stage that they are not viable to maintain and thus are being scrapped.

It's a great shame but it is a fact of life that some good bikes are also getting scrapped since they are worth more in parts than as a running machine.

Ok, so we all know that. What I am asking here is, how do you view this site? That is, do you view it on a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile phone?

Are the numbers going down through it not being very mobile friendly ( I do know that is not! ).

I have tried to make it as compatible with all platforms, as much as I can within the limited capabilities of the hosting platform format.

They have recently brought out a newer version, in beta, for active pages. These are pages that automatically re-organise themselves to fit whatever they are being viewed on. I am trying to find out if it is worth while spending the huge amount of time and energy to convert all the over 100 pages of this site.

Your input would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Apr 30 2017 12:56PM by Tom Hamwey

I personally try to veiw the site on PC but sometimes pull it up on mobile.

May 11 2017 11:25AM by Phil

Work laptop...

May 15 2017 04:58PM by Pete

Normally on my iPad John

May 20 2017 12:11PM by john hawkins

hi john
I read it on my desk top and still riding my gl1000 (Norway) next week

May 28 2017 10:33AM by Ian

Hi John. I usually view on a pc. I occasionally use the mobile for quick reference, in the garage for example.

Jun 7 2017 11:14PM by Jennifer Pool

I'm a proud new owner to a 1978 GL1000 as of 3 days ago. I view most website on my mobile phone and I'm glad I came across your site.

Aug 19 2017 06:47AM by Nigel

I generally view the internet on a tablet, came across by accident, whilst viewing ebay listings for parts that I require, I don't recall coming up via search engines whilst trawling the internet for suppliers etc.

Oct 26 2017 07:02PM by Tim Vieira

I have a 75 and 2x 76 Gls which I have rebuilt. Also have a 1985 K100RT in mint condition which I have also put back together ,it was not quite a basket case. Love these bikes GLs.!! I generally view this site on a desktop. Am retired though.

Oct 30 2017 10:03PM by Barry House

Just viewing again John. Retired and will be using iPad + desktop.. Do you still do the dipsticks for the GL1100. If so could you email me with the cost please, great site!!! Barry

Oct 31 2017 12:29PM by oldfogey48

Sorry Barry,
Doug used to make these in the US for us, but since his illness we have stopped doing them. I get askes fairly frequently for one, so it's something I may look at again over the winter.

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