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GL1000 carb info needed

By John Evans, Sep 25 2019 11:25AM

Ok, here's a question for the whole world. Yes, I really mean that.

Other than the listed models in Randakk's charts (, which I believe only pertains to the US market, I can find no information on which model of carburettor through the years was fitted to GL1000s throughout other markets.

It seems that '75s ALL have 755A with the round alloy operating arms, which were discontinued very quickly.

The vast majority of (supposedly) 76-77 carbs I get in from UK/Euro customers for rebuild are 755B, all of which have the same jetting as the 755A. I can find no differences between A and B, so I don't know why the alternative letter.

I have heard of carbs marked 755C but never had any of those in and no idea where they were sold.

I think ALL of the 3200 '76 LTDs were fitted with the 763A but again, you may know different.

So what I would like to ask is for those owners in different parts of the world who have unmolested '75 – '79 machines with original carbs to email me:

the year (VIN would be useful),

the area it was originally sold in,

and carb number.

If you have something with a model number different to the ones already mentioned (like the 775C) it would really help to get the jetting sizes too.

I will put the info in a chart for everyone to see.

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