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Carb rebuilds

By John Evans, Sep 9 2016 01:22PM

Gentlemen, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the carb rebuilding service will soon have to close for a time, for a number of reasons.

This is mainly the result of the stupidity of this county's decision to leave the EU.

It has caused the value of the £ to drop through the floor, making the brilliant kits from Randakk very expensive. Combine that with the increases in the USPS shipping rates and much more aggressive scrutiny of incoming packages by the Customs and the whole issue is becoming untenable.

The last order I had direct from Randakk cost me $192 in Customs, VAT and Royal Mail charges, on a shipment costing $650 inc shipping.

so, I'm thinking to give some time to allow the exchange rate to steady and hopefully rise back in my favour.

Secondly, I get carbs in from all over the world. Currently, due to the EU regulations, there is no problem with the Customs for EU based sets sent in for rebuild and return. This is most definitely not the case for any coming from outside the EU. The paperwork is a nightmare.

So who knows what will happen once we leave the EU? Are we going to have the same problems with paperwork no matter where the carbs are coming from? No-one can tell me at this time.

Jan 18 2018 07:20PM by Graeme bowling

Sorry to hear the carb builds are on hold
Would you reconsider?

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