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By John Evans, Aug 3 2020 11:48AM

Now in stock.

Very limited quantities as the supplier screwed up by sending half the order with the wrong substitute belt!

That will get fixed, eventually!

By John Evans, Jul 26 2020 04:16PM

At long last, a new blog post!

I hope you are all keeping safe at this somewhat fraught time.

Well, in spite or rather because of the virus, I have been super busy with carbs, as owners have been able to spend time in the garage or workshop. So busy in fact, that I have got nothing of my own stuff done.

So I am halting carb rebuilds forn the end of this month for two months.

Another 'at long last' - I will have timing belts available from the end of this week for GL1000 / GL1100

The front transmission cover kit has been overhauled and now includes the 3 alloy crush washers that everyone forgets to order when replacing or overhauling the water pump. Now shipped from me.

Due to the virus, Ray was finding difficulty shipping the water pump kits out fron Germany, so they are now being shipped direct from me in the UK.

Now a biggy!!

I'm sorry, but for you guys in the States the shipping has gone through the roof!

Due almost entirely to Mr Trump pulling the States out of the 145year old Postal Agreement, shipping has gone up by almost 50%. I can ship a pack of radiator hoses to Canada for £10.50; the same pack to the States is now £15.20 ! Royal Mail divide the world into postal three postal zones; the States is the only country in Zone 3.

By John Evans, Oct 6 2019 09:43PM

Daisy from Wemoto has again asked me to show you the new stuff from the Supporters Club charity that raises money for the emergency helicopter that saves riders lives in the TT and the Manx Grand Prix.

This could make a nice Christmas present for a friend or yourself. Would look great in the workshop!

At this price, why not have one in the house too.!

There are new Tee Shirts as well. I've had some difficulty re-sizing the images she supplied to fit this blog but the link is in the description below.

Here is the Press release:

Classic TT Manx Calendar released to help charity

Buy a £2 Manx calendar and help support motorcycling in the Isle of Man.

Wemoto has teamed with Bill Snelling to create a Classic TT Manx Racer calendar. It features some of the most iconic moments in TT racing history from the 1920s to 1990s, taken from Snelling’s photo archive. Famous faces include John Surtees, Carl Fogarty, Joey Dunlop, Steve Hislop, Sammy Miller and Mike Hailwood.

The profits from the sale of the calendar will go to the Manx Grand Prix Supporters' Club (MGPSC), which provides medical assistance to riders on the track and supports them while they recover from injury.

Since 2015, Wemoto has been selling merchandise to visitors of the Isle of Man’s Festival of Jurby, with profits going to the MGPSC. The Manx Calendars are a new way to raise money, while this time celebrating TT racing as a whole.

Designed in-house and finished in classic black and white, the calendars will look stylish on any wall. In the run-up to Christmas, they also make an excellent gift idea for friends and family. A fantastic way of both commemorating historic motorcycling moments and helping current riders.

The calendars are available now at Wemoto, part number we-manx-calendar/AG5782

Now available at Wemoto


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01273 597072

By John Evans, Sep 25 2019 11:25AM

Ok, here's a question for the whole world. Yes, I really mean that.

Other than the listed models in Randakk's charts (, which I believe only pertains to the US market, I can find no information on which model of carburettor through the years was fitted to GL1000s throughout other markets.

It seems that '75s ALL have 755A with the round alloy operating arms, which were discontinued very quickly.

The vast majority of (supposedly) 76-77 carbs I get in from UK/Euro customers for rebuild are 755B, all of which have the same jetting as the 755A. I can find no differences between A and B, so I don't know why the alternative letter.

I have heard of carbs marked 755C but never had any of those in and no idea where they were sold.

I think ALL of the 3200 '76 LTDs were fitted with the 763A but again, you may know different.

So what I would like to ask is for those owners in different parts of the world who have unmolested '75 – '79 machines with original carbs to email me:

the year (VIN would be useful),

the area it was originally sold in,

and carb number.

If you have something with a model number different to the ones already mentioned (like the 775C) it would really help to get the jetting sizes too.

I will put the info in a chart for everyone to see.

By John Evans, Jul 10 2019 03:03PM

If you have been visiting over the past 6 weeks, my apologies for hiatus. Fell down a flight of stairs, breaking my right arm and fracturing a vertabrae. Healing is going well but still unable to do much.

Certain items that require me to make up, like the radiator hose kits, will have to wait a while yet. Others like the stainless brake pistons are suppiled direct so that service is unaffected.

I will be away again until the beginning of Aug; hopefully to be back to full strength by then.

By John Evans, Oct 31 2018 12:34PM

Ok, first up.

You may have seen from the Index page, there is a sale on the stainless steel brake pistons.

Most of them are reduced in price but understand, ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE!!

They are NOT going to be replaced.

Next: I now have stock of the best fix for broken float pin towers on the GL1000. GL1000 carbs, good ones at least, are getting scarce and it is SO easy to break a pin tower when trying to remove the pin. Trust me, I know how easy from experience.

For those of you waiting for the Alloy Filters, they are in stock again. Sorry it's taken so long.

Plent of black, silver and a very few metallic blue and metallic red.

By John Evans, Jun 15 2018 12:55AM

I know this will please many of you!

Due to the number of inquiries I have had, I am starting the Carburettor Rebuild Service back up again. Initially this will for GL1000, again using Randakk kits, but I envisage also offering both this and a cheaper rebuild eventually using an alternative source. The Randakk kits are ordered, will be here in approx 2 weeks. The cheaper rebuilds are still some way off as certain parts are proving difficult to source.

GL1100 Carburettor rebuilds will follow soon.

If this is of interest to you, let me know and we can get you booked in.

By John Evans, Apr 27 2017 10:41AM

The viewing figures for the site are gradually dropping off, week by week.

Now logic says that, of course this will happen. The bikes are getting older, more and more are getting to the stage that they are not viable to maintain and thus are being scrapped.

It's a great shame but it is a fact of life that some good bikes are also getting scrapped since they are worth more in parts than as a running machine.

Ok, so we all know that. What I am asking here is, how do you view this site? That is, do you view it on a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile phone?

Are the numbers going down through it not being very mobile friendly ( I do know that is not! ).

I have tried to make it as compatible with all platforms, as much as I can within the limited capabilities of the hosting platform format.

They have recently brought out a newer version, in beta, for active pages. These are pages that automatically re-organise themselves to fit whatever they are being viewed on. I am trying to find out if it is worth while spending the huge amount of time and energy to convert all the over 100 pages of this site.

Your input would be much appreciated. Thank you.


By John Evans, Mar 30 2017 03:28PM

Hi Guys and Gals,

Summer time and the racing season is upon us!

Last year we had a great response from you for the Jurby Festival Helicopter Appeal Fund, so Daisy from WEMOTO has been in touch to see if we can help again. Let's do even better than last year!

You really NEED a new Tee shirt for the summer. This fantastic design, the low price and for such a worthy cause means you just can't go wrong with one of these. Those of us that bought last year know the quality of these; amazing value at £10 for UK/EU (about $10 for outside of that) plus shipping!

Here's Daisy's email.

Hi John,

It's Daisy from Wemoto again. I hope you're well. I've seen a comment on your site about the 2017 t-shirts, so I thought I'd get an email sent out with the info.

Our 2017 Jurby T-shirts are indeed here. All the profits from the sale of these £10 t-shirts go to the Manx Grand Prix Supporters' Club - we've managed to raise over £26,000 in the past two years, hopefully, this year we can raise even more. A little info on the charity and what the money is used for...

The club helps fund the MPG's life-saving helicopter ambulances on practice weeks and race days during the Manx Grand Prix. It also supports injured MGP riders and their families, as well as donating funds to help with medical equipment such as new stretchers and a new ambulance which will support all motorsports on the island.

This year's design is a bit special in that it not only celebrates the Festival of Jurby but marks the 60th anniversary of Bob McIntyre becoming the first person to lap the 37.73-mile Mountain Course on the Isle of Man at over 100mph. As per usual, they're endorsed by John McGuinness and other racing legends. We've also managed to get some pretty cool pictures of top riders with this year's design, which I've attached along with a hi-res image of the shirt itself.

We hope you like the design. Thanks again for your help to promote the cause last year.

Kind regards,


So come on folks, do as I have done, let the winter moths out of your wallets and go here to help this cause:

By John Evans, Jan 12 2017 09:32PM

I know you have all been patiently waiting for this anouncement:


GL1000 big-end bearings, mains bearings and GL1100 main bearings.

We have limited stock of the main bearings at the moment but more on the way.

Go Here:


I am amazed at the almost total lack of response to this. Up until we had these kits made, I was being asked several times a month about bearings, with guy's practically crying over the fact that these were virtually extinct.

Since we announced that you could now rely on being able to rebuild your GL1000 engine, we can count on less than the fingers of both hands how many sets have been sold !

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