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GL1000 Carburettor Tubing Kits

Although there are many carburettor overhaul kits on the market, one part or rather parts have been conspicuous by their absence.


The pilot air tubing and the thinner tube for the air cut off valve almost always have cracking and splitting and usually are practically cut through by the thin factory wire clips. The clips themselves are invariably rusty. This combination can ruin a nice reconditioning job, not to mention causing running problems.


I have been replacing rubbers on my many rebuilds for a while now, but realised that there are many folk doing their own rebuilds that might appreciate an easy way to get this problem resolved.


My new kits contain five pieces (four for the pilot air tubes and one for the air cut-off valve) of  cut-to-size, silicon rubber fuel tubing and ten bright zinc plated clips. The silicon rubber tubes will last the lifetime of the bike.


The silicon rubber being a bit softer than the OEM tubing, I decided to go with the double wound single wire clip, as being a better solution than the single wound clip that cuts into the rubber. The diagrams below show the reasoning.

Double wire clip double clamp single clamp

The price of this whole kit is less than the price of just the OEM clips!


Price per kit: only £10.00 / $15.00 plus shipping

Kit including shipping to UK

Kit including shipping worldwide

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If you are looking at these kits, it is probably because you are about to rebuild your own carbs.

We always recommend that you use Randakk's Master kit when doing this.




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Why not finish the job by fitting some new fuel lines as well. ( yours are probably as old as the air lines you're replacing!)


We can supply a set of three braided fuel lines complete with clips to fit all GL1000 and GL1100.


See here:


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BRAIDED FUEL LINES randakks-logo 1000fuel lines (Medium) silicon tubes (Medium)