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My Bike, THE SWAN, in all her glory!

Hello, fellow Wingers! And welcome to my little corner of the Wingdom.


My name is John Evans, an Englishman living in Scotland and a longtime Honda GL1000 fanatic!


In October 1975 I went from Glasgow to London to purchase what I believe was the first Honda GL1000

brought to Scotland. Absolutely beautifull in it's Candy Blue/Green coat, it was looked on in amazement

by the then population, as it was by far the biggest and heaviest bike available at that time.


It was also looked on with scorn by most bikers at that time as a 'car on two wheels'!

Considering that they had never ridden one, their opinion didn't count for much. Especially as most of their

bikes simply couldn't keep up with it.

Also, it was refreshing to have a bike that was not only quick but didn't need someone following behind

to pick up the bits that had dropped off.


A time served design engineer, I owned a bike shop many years ago and ran 650 Triumphs, some of

which were very highly tuned and extremely fast...... when they held together! So the Wing was a revelation

of reliability, being very fast and superbly engineered, although the 1970s suspension and disc brake technology did have a bit of a problem coping with the weight!


Fast forward a good few years, as family and other things get in the way of biking, and I buy another GL1000 locally. All the old passion gets re-ignited through the rebuild of this pile of scrap and building up a trail of contacts throughout the world during my searches for parts.


Although the youngest of the bikes I am trying to cater for is now 33 years old and the oldest a pensioner of 45, I have been  surprised at the level of support and the amount of N.O.S. parts still available. Check the Links page for Forums and other parts suppiers.


But there are some parts that neither love nor money can buy and too many otherwise saveable bikes are being broken up because of it.


That is now my purpose in life - to source, make, have manufactured, find alternatives etc. for as many of these unobtainable parts as I can, firstly for the GL1000 and the GL1100 then the GL1200 to follow, and put them here for all you fellow enthusiasts. Some are already in the pipeline, some just at the stage of enquiry.


For those of you with the mechanical ability to do so, there are numerous Technical Tips for you to maintain your bike and also modify it if you desire. Times have moved on and there are many upgrades to make the bikes more suited to modern conditions. The vast majority of these are things that have tried and tested by me on my own bike, some will be information gathered from impeccable sources.


You can find the full restoration thread on the Naked Goldwing Forum, 


Major support from 'AlleyKat' Bill Bailey, and from the guys and gals on  where I'm known as Old Fogey

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There once was an ugly duckling.............

July 1976

This video was done in 2009 when the bike has just been finished after an 18 month rebuild. 

A later video from 2017, describing all the current modifications to it is HERE.

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